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So what is this raw feeding thing that everyone is talking about?

Raw feeding is the practice of feeding domestic dogs and cats a diet primarily of uncooked meat, edible bones and organs.

Raw Feeders believe that our carnivore companions should be fed a species appropriate (or as close to as possible) diet of raw meaty carcasses on a daily basis.

They try to mimic a similar diet  for their domestic companions, to that of their wild ancestors, with the belief that a balanced raw diet has the benefits of giving the animal a healthier quality of life. The benefits show in a shinier coat, cleaner teeth and fresher breath, reduced stool volume and odour, and better overall health.

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Raw feeding is a back-to-basics approach that takes its lead directly from nature. It replicates the high protein, high energy diet that wild canines have thrived on for thousands of years, making it substantially different to the cooked, processed convenience dog foods that society has become accustomed to in recent decades.

In its most natural form, a raw food diet is high in protein, high in energy, low in carbohydrates and completely raw to get the optimum nutritional benefit from its ingredients. Raw bones should also be part of a good raw food diet because they satisfy a dog's instinctive urge to chew and have numerous health benefits.

Raw feeding is growing in popularity throughout the world as dog owners come to realise that modern 'convenience' dog foods - often made with foodstuffs rejected for human consumption, or with an excess of species-inappropriate ingredients like grains - may not be in the best interests of their pets. Many vets also share this view and are increasingly recommending a raw feeding approach because of the obvious benefits it has for dogs.Information sourced from www.k9natural.co.nz

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At Woofles, we believe that your dog should be getting the best and most balanced diet available, therefore we take the time and pride ourselves in providing you with the freshest and best quality raw meat and bones for your pets, along with the knowledge and confidence to feed your dog the best diet it can have.

Many of my canine patients took on a new lease of life, became like puppies again, when I changed their diet to raw meaty bones and a few table scraps. Puppies started on a more natural diet grew healthy and strong and seldom needed veterinary care. Perhaps I should not have been surprised; for Nature works wonders in numerous ways and a diet of raw meaty bones plus a few scraps approximates to the natural diet of dogs in the wild... this back to basics approach puts us in touch with the inner needs of our dogs - and it's easy.
                - Quoted from 'Work Wonders - Feed your dog raw meaty bones' By Veterinary Surgeon Tom Lonsdale  


Photo of 2 Grey Wolves eating the carcass of a deer.

Why Raw Feed?

Your pet deserves only the most nutritious, safe, healthy and natural raw pet food.  A species appropriate or biologically appropriate diet is rich in vitamins, minerals, living enzymes and natural protein.  Dogs and Cats are carnivores (meat eaters) and are designed to consume whole carcasses of prey animals for optimum health.  A dog's teeth are designed for tearing, ripping, and scraping flesh off bones and they have very little movement in their jaw for grinding up the sort of plant matter that a herbivore (plant eater) would eat.  Cats rely on nutrients in animal tissue to meet their strict specific and unique nutritional requirements. 

The intense heat used to process commercial pet foods destroys and reduces nutrients like vitamins, minerals and enzymes.  Studies have shown that the digestibility of amino acids in cat food is changed significantly by heat processing.  Pet food manufacturers must supplement the food after heat processing to replace those nutrients.  By feeding a raw food diet, you are giving your cat or dog those same nutrients in their most natural and most digestible form.  Commercial pet foods, dry foods in particular often contain a large amount of grains.  Because cats are obligate carnivores it is believed that a switch to a predominately meat based raw diet would be especially beneficial (as compared to a raw diet for dogs) due to cat's relative inability to digest grains.

Feel free to come in and talk to us about how and what you can feed your cats and dogs to improve their health and well-being, and if you are worried about the mess or hassle of raw feeding, talk to us about some alternatives.

Also check out our  raw feeding calculator which can generate a sample menu for you.